Sunday, 31 August 2014

Defending Jews and Christians from persecution!

Campaign Against Semitism

Around two thousand people took part in the rally against anti-Semitism held outside the Royal Courts of Justice in Central London this afternoon. This was certainly the most peaceful and well behaved demonstration I have ever attended, only requiring a minor police presence. These were  ordinary people, mostly but not exclusively Jewish who don't normally take to the streets.

The absence of the various left-wing sects was noticeable. Only a lone oddly dressed man with a hand made placard demanding rights for the disabled/join the SWP made an appearance and I'm not actually convinced he knew where he was. But hey, it's a free country.

Speeches from the Chief Rabbi and others demanded action against the rise of anti-Semitism at home and abroad. "They shall not pass" was a call from one speaker.

The need for the Jewish community to campaign with others against this blatant rise in racism against Jews has never been greater,

At the same time we do not need help from idiots like the man who attacked George Galloway (who was not Jewish by the way, but the bigots won't care).

We need to be better than them. Period.

Meanwhile in Brighton:

Persecuted Christians around the World

It's not Jews, Christians are being persecuted and murdered around the world. And not just Iraq by ISIS. In Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Iran and elsewhere Christians are under threat.

A small but vibrant demonstration took place in Brighton this afternoon supported by Sussex Friends of Israel from whose page this photo and leaflet were taken.

The usual suspects also seem to be missing...

Where are the left when it comes to Christians and Jews?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Left Unity Party debates "critical support" for ISIS????

The relationship between the far left and the Islamists has long been a matter of concern. The recent article in Socialist Worker by Hassan Mahamdallie was rightfully described by Dave Osler as:

...among the most odious pieces I have come across in over 30 years of reading the far left press. Disgusting is the only word for it.

Trouble is we've come to expect this sort of thing from the SWP whose members were notorious for shouting "we are Hezbollah" on demonstrations despite the well known reactionary, misogynist and anti-Semitic homophobic nature of this terrorist organisation. Their uncritical support of Hamas is likewise a feature of SWP politics and much of the rest of the left. 

But with a few hundred anti-imperialists protesting in Wales this week against "NATO" Andrew Coates says:

The Stop the War Coalition urges people to ” Protest the NATO Summit” (? – Protest what? For, Against,?).

NATO in their view (see below) is responsible for "all" wars, Putin, Assad and ISIS of course are just "victims" of Western imperialism, and its "not their fault" of course.

Not to be left out the new Left Unity Party organisation has published an article by John Lubbock which muses that:

After ISIS’ capture of most of the North of Iraq, their statements indicated that their mission was to reverse the clumsy national engineering of the late colonial period:...

“Statements released by [ISIS] claimed that the assault on Mosul was the beginning of the end of the Sykes Picot agreement… Isis commanders say they are fighting to destroy the post-Ottoman nation state borders and restore a caliphate that submits to fundamentalist Islamic law.”

As well as the attempted establishment of this extremist new caliphate between Syria and Iraq, the chaos in the region is finally allowing the Kurds to establish their control over the oil rich region around Kirkuk.

The inference being that ISIS are amongst other things helping the Kurds is absurd.

One of their more deranged contributors in the thread below states:

You stop short of saying the Left should be supporting ISIS, yet your analysis (and mine) indicates that what is at stake for Obama, Cameron and ISIS is precisely the 1919-22 imperialist settlement of the Middle East and the weak, divided nation states on which it is based.

A clear cut call to support ISIS in the "struggle against the old order".

An argument of sorts does break out, but the fact that an organisation of supposedly "progressive" organisation actually contains "comrades" like this says a lot about the nature of anti-imperialism itself. 

So focused are these individuals on broad sweeping ideological visions to justify their existence the genocidal nature of the death cults known as ISIS seems to be of little importance.

Frankly that attitude seems to be firmly entrenched in the various sects of the far and sometimes not so far left. Their abstract notions of the "working class" and "oppressed peoples" leaves them with no perspective of the fate of the individual human beings that suffer in these "historical struggles".

The desire to get "the line right" and spin a few dialectics on the head of a pin leads to and will always result in these people excusing the worst of regimes.

Their demonstrations over NATO, over Gaza seem somewhat faux protests when their true natures are examined.

The far left, the anti-imperialists offer no future for humanity.

Of that we can be certain.  

Friday, 29 August 2014

NATO is not the enemy comrades

Supporters of the anti-imperialist brigade will be getting an early night tonight as they prepare to take their wares to Wales for a demonstration against…NATO. According to the propaganda put out by the acolytes of Putinism in the UK, NATO is responsible for all the conflicts in the world. Russia is a peace loving non-aggressive country, China does not covet a number of disputed Islands from her neighbours and the desire to help the Christians and Kurds from being murdered by ISIS is part of a “war on Islam”.

Of course not comrades. Life would be so much better if the West just sat back, disarmed, put up a few white flags and a border recording in Russian, Chinese and Arabic saying “we surrender”.

The countries woes, if not the worlds, would be resolved by whoever decided to overthrow or invade the few true democracies left in the world.

Of course such a scenario would never happen, but the blindness of the anti-imperialist brigade towards the true aggressors in this world beggars belief.

When the Kurdish community held a demonstration a couple of weeks back, Stop the War and their Marxist allies were nowhere to be seen. Oh, there was a lone individual selling The Socialist, but the rest were probably “too exhausted” from organising pro-Hamas marches to bother about the “far away Kurds as one anarchist claimed on the PCS union Face Book page . Imperialism doesn’t have the answer they tell us, whilst leaving all those civilians they claim to care about to die in the desert or mountains whilst trying to escape real, rather than imagined genocide.

As for arming the Kurds so they could defend themselves, the anti-imperialists won’t have that either. Its “Western War mongering” apparently.


The Times reports today that NATO estimates there are 1,000 Russian soldiers fighting with the separatists in the Ukraine. Would Stop the War like to know how many NATO troops are involved in the fighting. Would that be Zero comrades? Or is that fact uncomfortable for you.

Some American pro-Russian appeaser went to a meeting to listen to the Russian Ambassador and decided to intervene:

No one had uttered the word "NATO."

So I pointed out the upcoming NATO protests. I recalled the history of Russia being told that NATO would not expand eastward. I asked Kislyak whether NATO ought to be disbanded.

The ambassador said that he had been the first Russian to "present his credentials" to NATO, and that he had "overestimated" NATO's ability to work with Russia. He'd been disappointed by NATO actions in Serbia, he said, and Libya, by the expansion eastward, by NATO pressure on Ukraine and Poland, and by the pretense that Russia might be about to attack Poland.

"We were promised," Kislyak said, that NATO would not expand eastward at all upon the reunification of Germany. "And now look." NATO has declared that Ukraine and Georgia will join NATO, Kislyak pointed out, and NATO says this even while a majority of the people in Ukraine say they're opposed.

The ambassador used the word "disappointed" a few times.

The other way this could be seen of course is that Russia is expanding eastwards, trying to rebuild its’ own imperialist agenda and of course his excellency would be “disappointed” that those who escaped the Stalinist yolk might not want to return…like ever.

Trouble is the anti-imperialist brigade have this farcical assumption that “the enemy is at home” derived from the fanatical Leninist desire to protect the (long gone) Soviet Union. The BBC shows the protesters banner across the security fence which blathers on about George Bush (not sure which one), the “crusades” and the “war on Islam” (damn those unbelievers) showing how out of date and out of touch with reality they are.

Does it not occur to these “useless idiots” (to paraphrase Lenin) that Russia is expansionist, China is flexing its muscles and ISIS is imperialist in it’s desire to conquer the Muslim world plus Spain and Portugal to establish the death camp known as the Caliphate.

NATO is not the enemy. Our countries may not be perfect, but I’d like to see how long the comrades would last under Putin, Li Keqiang or ISIS. In the latter probably just marched into the desert like those poor soldiers we saw yesterday..

Western democracy is worth fighting for, not against comrades. Only in our societies are people like you allowed to speak, assemble and write freely. Something your aims would ultimately deny the rest of us.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Harvard Professor says Israel fabricated ISIS beheading (and the Holocaust)

These two short videos are eye openers about the nature of Islamism:

More evidence of ISIS brutality. I suppose that this is "fabricated by Israel" as well.

Meanwhile the anti-imperialist brigade think NATO is the main enemy.

No wonder people call them the "idiot left".

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

One law for all is not negotiable

A crime is a crime.

A victim is a victim.

A criminal is a criminal regardless of what sex, race, colour, religion or sexual orientation they are.

Child sex abuse is a vile crime that needs to be tackled where ever and when ever it appears no matter who the perpetrators are.

The victims must be rescued, the abusers punished.

Celebrity and religion cannot ever be used as an excuse or cover for such acts.

The men responsible for the reported abuse of some 1,400 children should have been brought to justice a long time ago. Those that knew and refused to act because of some perceived fear of being called "racists" or disturbing the fragile egos of so-called "communities" should be ashamed.

Covering for abuse is unacceptable whether it happens in the BBC or Rotherham.

For to long such crimes have continued unabated due to political correctness and probaly still continue somewhere and there are those that know.

The majority of paedophiles are not Muslims, but those that are need to be dealt with in the same way as any other abuser.

There can only be one law in this country.

One law that applies to all.

These criminals must be exposed. Only protecting the innocent should be our concern.

The guilty can rot.

Rot in whatever hell they supposedly believe in. After they have been stopped and punished on this earthly plane!

Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Danger: Left wing appeasers at work!

The anti-imperialist brigade are hard at work to cover up the dangers of Islamism. The latest issue of the Socialist Worker rag interviews one Hassan Mahamdallie who informs us that:

It has been disheartening to watch establishment Muslim leaders apologetically rushing out with condemnations. They have pointlessly distanced themselves from “John the Jihadi”—who is alleged to have killed Foley—and declared that Isis is “un-Islamic”.

I much preferred the response of the spokesperson from south east London’s Lewisham Mosque.

The press asked him to condemn a tweet from a woman “Jihadi” in Syria who might have once attended the mosque.

He retorted, “The young woman’s desire to travel to Syria has nothing to do with the Centre. Unfortunately, the Muslim community are being subjected to a burden of proof based on a ‘guilty by association’ standard”.

Actually the Muslim community or at the very least its self appointed spokesmen do have a responsibility to condemn the potentially murderous actions of anyone heading off to support the murderous Jihadists in the name of the "religion of peace". 

Why the anonymous "spokesperson" could not simply say so is one of the very reasons "Islamophobia" is prevalent in society today. 

Socialist Worker focuses on condemning the West in the form of Nato for the current crisis in the Middle East, as does the equally pernicious "Counterfire" organisation that runs the laughably named Stop the War Campaign.

In one of their tediously repetitive articles blaming the West for everything wrong in the world they write:

Isis’s crimes, in repressing minorities and all those who disagree with them, are indeed great. It is a thoroughly reactionary movement. How they are worse than the other forces to intervene Iraq though is difficult to quantify. They certainly have a long way to go until the pain they have inflicted on the country can even start to compare to that inflicted by the United States.

Really? How convenient for the comrades they forget the brutal regimes of Assad in Syria and Hussein in Iraq which were backed by who exactly? 

Wouldn't be Russia would it comrades? The very country you give cover for in their invasion of the Ukraine and blame on non-existent Nato intervention?

Appeasers of oppression indeed.

The whole crisis in the Middle East was sparked off by Iraqi expansionism led by the "indefatigable" Saddam Hussein if George Galloway doesn't mind me plagiarising his well known anecdote. The invasion of Kuwait which if you recall was described by the anti-imperialists of the time as not being a "real country" and was "just" a product of imperialism. 

What the Kuwaitis themselves wanted was never a concern for the comrades and their ilk.

Have people really forgotten the mass murder committed by the Iraqi Baathists. The gassing of the Kurds, the constant use of torture, brutality and execution committed by the Iraqi regime.

Just an inconvenient footnote for the anti-imperialist brigade. 

The comrades have no answer to the dangers of ISIS and refuse to call for support to the Kurds fighting the Islamist death cultists.

The common mantra of Lenin's deranged followers is that "the enemy is at home". The fate of those abroad is only secondary to the defeat of what they call imperialism.

Except what they are really against ids democracy, freedom and equal rights. The anti-imperialists will excuse all and any "shibboleth" as Lyndsey German the leader of the Stop the war farce once said of women and gay rights when she was in the misnamed Respect Party.

The cause is all.

The individual is nothing.

The anti-imperialists are nothing but appeasers who would have seen the enemy at home even as Nazi troops marched up Whitehall if we had listened to their ilk the.

But Czechoslovakia was far away and of no concern to us.

Then it was a peice of paper.

Today its a website.

Its the Stop the War Coalition and their uber-allies.