Monday, 5 October 2015

Musical Interlude: Scandal

Mondays eh?

Left it a bit late to do a blog tonight so here's a quick musical interlude from my favourite Japanese band Scandal.

Mami takes lead vocals on Hon wo Yomu..Live!


Sunday, 4 October 2015

So much for Corbyn's "nicer politics"

One of Jeremy Corby's much vaunted new are of politics is to make the whole thing "nicer". He told supporters to:

Cut out the abuse. Cut out the cyber-bullying, cut out the misogyny and get back to real politics.

That didn't last long. if at all.

Throughout his campaign the leftists now known as "Corbynistas" conducted themselves very badly on social media identifying every opponent as a Tory, sometimes worse. And dare differ from them on any issue and even on Labour Face Book pages the abuse became more than personal, it became visibly vicious.

And so it continues today.

A demonstration organised by the TUC and designed to raise the concerns of ordinary workers ends up being hijacked as usual. Not just shouts of "Tory scum" (way to go on trying to influence people comrades, they will not even bother to try and listen) spitting at a journalist  (way to go to influence the media) and then after the culprit is arrested a section of the crowd actually thinks it's OK to spit and shouts that for all to hear.

How nice these socialists and campaigners for the working class are not.

I'm no fan at all of the current government and like many others argued for a Labour vote at the last election. Many of these Corbynista types opposed the Labour Party and now are seemingly hell bent on making it unelectable by the day.

Nicer politics?

Problem is Corbyn is an ideologically blinkered, weak and very naive man who does not really understand the monster he has unleashed nor does he have any idea how to control it.

Too quick to make dodgy friends and support undemocratic regimes he is a man of the past and frankly not as bright as his followers seem to think.

If Labour does not purge itself of these elements the only ones who will suffer are those that the Labour Party was originally founded to represent, the workers, the poor and the disadvantaged.

The hijacking of Labour by the pretentious middle class ideologues will lead to a decade or more of Tory Government.

Sadly Denis Healy dies this week but he was an astute politician who once said:

“There are far too many people,” he declared at the party conference that followed Labour’s third successive defeat in 1959, “who want to luxuriate complacently in moral righteousness in opposition ... We are not just a debating society. We are not just a socialist Sunday school. We are a great movement that wants to help real people at the present time. We shall never be able to help them unless we get power. We shall never get power until we close the gap between our active workers and the average voter in the country.

Words that should motivate the real Labour activists in their fight against the rise of the new left-fascists that have hijacked the party.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Tories to launch trade union faction

tory union site

Given that the Tories have been on an offencive to virtually emasculate the trade union movement in this country, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that they have decided to launch their own "trade union organisation" to organise "moderates unhappy with their union's leaders.

This is due for launch during the Conservative Party conference next week which will also be the target of a lot of trade union supporters demonstrating outside their annual bash. There is or should I say will be a website for this group but at the time of writing it was blank ( but I'm sure this will change.

The Independent reports:

Robert Halfon, the Conservatives’ deputy chairman, said his party was now “the party of working people” and that “militant” union leaders were putting workers’ off existing structures.

“We want to provide a voice for Conservative-minded trade unionists and moderate trade unionists and this week we will announcing a new organisation in the Conservative party called the Conservative Workers and Trade Unionists movement and that is going to be a voice for Conservative trade unionists,” he said in an interview with parliament’s The House magazine.

“We are recreating the Conservative trade union workers’ movement. There will be a new website and people will be able to join. There will be a voice for moderate trade unionists who feel they may have sympathy with the Conservatives or even just feel that they’re not being represented by militant trade union leaders.”

Problem for anyone joining such an outfit is that the Tories both have and will to continue the ability of trade unionists, moderate or otherwise to represent their members. Attacks are not just on the unions ability to strike but also the facility time that reps use to actually represent individual members with management in the workplace.

Not exactly an attractive proposition.

There are indeed many, if not a vast majority of trade unionists who could be described as "moderates", but they are mostly not well disposed to the Conservative party particularly in the hard pressed public sector where wages and conditions have been worsening over the last few years.

With the Labour Party in disarray as the Corbynistas take over the return to uber-militancy by unions such as Unite or PCS may lead to the decline of unions taking place at a higher pace. What influence if any the Conservatives will have on the ground is difficult to see. Not much I would suspect.

Nevertheless this is a development to watch over the next few months.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Cultural appropriation? The hypocrisy of the "left"


The student movement seems to move from one absurdity to another these days as the lefty types arrive at college to teach rather than learn which is what I always thought higher education is about.

According to some bonehead student union types it is forbidden to wear sombreros as it is "cultural appropriation" despite these being given out by a Mexican restaurant at the university freshers fair.

A non-Mexican wearing a Sombrero is a crime against political correctness and oppresses Mexican everywhere.

This was met by a concerted defence in a letter to The Times this week when a first year student (himself "half-Mexican) considered such a ban an "insult to all Mexicans". "The English eat our food, drink our tequila why shouldn't they wear our hats? "What next ban the wearing of green on St Patricks day?" Quite.

Meanwhile the most obvious "crime" of cultural appropriation is the wearing of the Palestinian keffiyeh by large hordes of the anti-imperialist brigades who are generally hold the same sort of barmy PC prejudices of the average student union commissar.


More than that the "left" have appropriated the whole struggle right down to adapting to Islam(ism) as a substitute for their own failings. It's why groups like the Socialist Workers Party and the Stop the War Coalition are obsessed with the new religion of Palestinianism.

It used to be the Viet-Cong, then the IRA. Now we hear the shouts of "We are Hamas, we are Hezbollah". Actually you are not comrades. You are pretentious little prats who do not have a clue about anything but your own navel gazing.  Stick to reading Lenin with one hand.

Or get a life, which would probably be better for everyone.

Mean while I'll stick to trying to remember the words to the song My Sister Belinda which I learnt from the PCLSU Rugby Club back in the seventies.

That involved a sombrero.

Too rude to print here....

Should be a song of resistance at the University of Westminster as the Poly of Central London is now called. Their students union is run by Islamists.

In my day it was the Maoists of the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist. They were all pro-Enver Hoxha, got upset by Goat jokes. Oh wait so do Islamists......

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stop the War "sort of" oppose bombing by Russia

Last week an article appeared on the Stop the West War Coalition's website arguing that "The only intervention likely to work in Syria just now is from Moscow". Trouble is the Russians have actually started bombing targets in Syria forcing the StWC to issue a statement arguing against both UK and Russian bombs.

So what are the comrades proposing to do with their campaign?

Nothing it would seem.

When the West or Israel in particular do anything the anti-imperialist brigade doesn't like they organise "emergency demonstrations" and other protest and other activities.

So is there a protest outside the Russian Embassy? Is one planned?


The leaders of the StWC are a wee bit embarrassed. Lyndsey German and John Rees are members of a little breakaway group from the Socialist Workers Party known as Counterfire. An odd name but there's so many little groupscules on the left I think they just ran out of names....and lost their marbles.

Counterfire has adopted a strategy of adapting to the Putin agenda and has never as far as I am aware condemned the us of "barrel bombs" by Assad's forces and consider the West responsible for the war in the Ukraine even though it's only Russia that's on the ground.

Don't mention Chechnya either.

Counterfire, like most of the left also capitulated to the Islam(ist) agenda some time ago. German and Rees it should be remembered were involved in the disastrous link up between the SWP and George Galloway in Respect pandering to backwards religious conservatism in order to try and undermine our way of life.

The StWC  and Counterfire refuse to countenance any assistance to those oppressed by ISIS even at one stage absurdly arguing that the Kurds should not accept arms from the West. Where else they were supposed to get them was never outlined.

Now of course the comrades are in a difficult position. Russian intervention is likely to prolong the Syrian civil war and they are not so bothered about collateral damage (civilian casualties) as NATO forces have tried to be.

Putin is looking to prop up his allies (Assad and Iran) and get a quick(ish) victory to increase his popularity at home. The Russian Orthodox Church has already called for "holy war" against Jihad. Where this will all end is difficult to see.

Meanwhile Stop the War has failed to live up to it's name again.

There will be no demonstration outside the Russian embassy any more than there was one outside the Iranian Embassy when they intervened in Iraq and Syria.

The reason for that was the connections of StWC leaders with Press TV, the mouthpiece of the Iranian clerical fascists.

A revolutionary has to earn a living somehow.

Tehran gold? That'll do nicely.

So expect contortions and all sorts of "smoke and mirrors from the anti-imperialists over the coming weeks!

Meanwhile the old fashioned neo-Stalinists at Socialist Unity are far more honest for once.

Male model John Wight writes sternly:

"The barbarians are at the gates and Russia alone is heeding the call to intervene in order to save not just the Syrian government or Syria, but civilisation itself."

Right. Self interest and Russian imperialism has absolutely nothing to do with it then......

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Help the Yazidi women and girls kidnapped by ISIS

My name is Rozin, I'm a 17 year old Yazidi girl living in Coventry. I came here with my family in 2008 when it became too dangerous for us in Iraq.

More than 3,000 Yazidi women and girls have been kidnapped by ISIS in Northern Iraq. They have been raped and tortured by their captors. Last week three girls, who managed to escape, visited London and told their stories.

Now that we have heard the stories of what is happening to these girls, we must help them. There is a lot that the UK Government can do, that's why I have started this petition.

When I hear what has happened to these girls I cry. It is my worst nightmare. I know girls as young as 12 have been taken. If I was there now I would be so so scared.

Many girls have managed to escape but they are scattered in refugee camps and getting little help. They are scared and traumatised, some are pregnant. They need medical help, psychological support and rehabilitation.

Last year Angelina Jolie came to London and the UK Government held a Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The Government promised to "provide greater support and protection to survivors of sexual violence, including children".

We must ask the UK Government to keep their promise.

Germany has offered some help and brought some of the girls there to recover. I am asking Home Secretary Theresa May, Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening, and Foreign Minister Philip Hammond to meet with me and the Yazidi community in the UK and prepare an action plan.

These girls may seem far away, but they need our help. Every Yazidi woman and girl living in Iraq and Syria is in danger, the entire community lives in desperation.

If no-one speaks up for them who will help them? My dream is to be a lawyer and to spend my life fighting injustice. That starts today.

Please sign my petition for the Yazidi girls.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The penny drops

Living as we are in an age of "austerity" that hurts some of us more than others, there are those in the establishment who have begun, if only just begun to notice that something is amiss with society.

A interesting report appeared in the business section of The Times (no link £):

Big business must significantly improve its relationship with society if it wants to ward off the threat of a political "lurch to the left"

John Nelson, the chairman of Lloyds of London will tell a gathering of senior financial figures this evening that the reputation of businesses worldwide has reached a worrying low. That could trigger serious challenges to middle-of-the-road politicians and economic policy.

No sh*t Sherlock.

Just look at Greece and the disaster that became. Spain could face a similar problem and Corbyn represents the extreme of a trend in Britain that started with the scandal of the MP's expenses.

Mr Nelson apparently worries about the reaction of "the man in the street" rising up and asking "what is going on here".

Faith in politicians and big business is at an all time low. 

Economic crises always create movements from the extremes of politics, but Mr Nelson should also note it's not just a "lurch to the left" he should worry about. There is a growing xenophobia across Europe that has seen the rise of far-right neo-fascist parties (France and Hungary) and a resurgence of nationalism that could lead to the breakup of national and international stability as we see in Scotland and Catalonia.

What the "man in the street" wants is fair treatment not revolution and social upheaval.

When hard working men and women both working and middle class see their living standards drop while the ultra-rich just seem to accumulate more wealth even when they fail there is bound to be a reaction of some sort.

MP's get a 10% rise. Their low paid civil servants get 1%.

Bankers get huge bonuses even when they don't get results and taxpayers bail them out. Most tax payers can only dream of the amounts of cash going their way.

Nobody except a few recalcitrant communists begrudges wealth as such but those that rule over us do require the proverbial boot up the backside from time to time to remind the establishment that they cannot walk all over us.

People know money doesn't grow on trees but expect that those who contribute more and do more for those less well off than themselves. That's the social contract that our society relies on.

Trouble is will your colleagues listen as they devour caviar and champagne before it becomes too late?