Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Facebook capitulates to religious bigotory

Mark Zuckerberg
Photo: By Presidência do México

Pakistan has some of the most oppressive and abused laws about blasphemy in the world. Insult the religion of backwardness and the penalty is death. Not just atheists, but Christians and all manner of minorities and freethinkers are constantly under threat from this barbaric Islamic regime.

We are told ISIS does not represent Islam and yet the Clerics whenever they gain any power immediately set about enforcing a ban on criticism of the mediaeval faith. One Pakistani Minister demanded that facebook help their regime suppress "blasphemous" content.

And guess what? The open and liberal minded executives of Facebook seem to be doing just that. Can't let a little freedom get in the way of a large profit to be made in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Today website reports:

Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has stated that 45 websites and 65 Facebook pages containing blasphemous content have been blocked in Pakistan in the last two days.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Nisar said that social networking giant Facebook has agreed to address Pakistan’s concern on the issue of blasphemy. “We are going to find a permanent solution for this issue. There is nothing more precious to us than our faith,” he claimed.

Permanent solution? Sounds ominous to me. A holocaust of non-believers?

“Anyone can turn violent after seeing the sacrilegious content,” he asserted. The minister said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has commended the efforts being made to block blasphemous content. “We have also written a letter to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in order to evolve a consensus among Muslim nations on blasphemy,” he said.

Consensus amongst "Muslim" nations. Sure the dictators and clerics that use Islam as a weapon by which to control the masses will agree on that even if it's the only thing they can agree on while their own internecine conflict continues.

Have a word with yourself Mark Zuckerberg. Your dollar profits will be based on murder of innocents for just expressing an opinion.

When the first Facebook user is executed for blasphemy the blood will be on your hands as well as that barbarian Nisar Khan.

It is a basic human right to say no to religion. God does not exists and is a superstitious remnant of early man's inability to explain the world in unscientific terms. Over time it has become a form of social control. 

The leaders of Islam are afraid their power will wane if people are able to think freely because then they cannot use a false god to threaten them.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

From Tasmanian Tigers & Lizardmen and back to Cats again

A number of stories have caught my attention over the last couple of days. The first was that some Tasmanian Tigers have been spotted in the outback. Not verified of course and the poor creature has been officially extinct since 1936 when the last known example died. But it's not beyond the realm of possibility that there remain a handful alive somewhere. I certainly hope so.

Another story that appeared in the Aussie media, albeit briefly, well for about an hour before the report was taken down reported that Justin Bieber (that spoiled brat who abandons his pets) was seen to turn into a lizard in front of fans which sent the girls running to the toilets in shock.

UFOmania, one of those You Tube channels that promotes the nutters alternative views of the world used this story to remind us that this was "the golden age of lizard sighting" and told us of the conspiracy by these creatures to control the world and the fate of mankind.

Load of bollocks tosh of course but they need the clicks to make money from advertisers to make more videos to tell us more nonsense. Except that some of this revenue may have been effected by the withdrawal of advertising from Google following the revelation that these ads are funding extremists.

And since the main promoter of the Lizardmen theory is one former "godhead" and completely deranged David Ike he may well come into that category. His channel promotes somewhat unsavoury views of Zionists (and they do mean Jews) on a fairly regular basis.

Don't mention the Rothschilds.

What a world we live in. Hate Preachers, people who think Lizards rule the world and there may be Nazi UFO bases under Antarctica all mad in one way or another. But some are definitely more dangerous than others.

Still there was one good news story today. Cats are now officialy "nice" according to studies by scientists. Well I knew that. My cats treat their human well.

Hit it boys!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Save Ayaz Nizami! For Freedom from Religion!

Whilst eyes have been focused on the latest Islamist atrocity in London and so many seem to wonder as to his motives and how Masood got "radicalised", there is a tendency to let the theology of Islam off the hook.

Let's face it. The language of the modern terrorists is based on the sayings of the false prophet Mohammed, a man who became a warlord. A faith that was imposed by the sword across the Middle East and North Africa. One that tried breaking into the Christian strongholds of Europe but was finally stopped in Spain and more famously at the gates of Vienna.

Of course Christianity at the time and for a long period after was no less savage. There was the inquisition and the hunt for witches. But these were medieval times. Christianity has moved on. considerably.

Meanwhile the rise of Islam, especially in it's intolerant and fundamentalist form continues unabated across the world. The fight against ISIS may be well and truly on but many of those involved are not much better than the Islamic State themselves. Saudi Arabia is a gender apartheid state.. Iran is a brutal dictatorship. Libya remains torn apart by internecine warfare and religious lines as does Iraq and Syria.

In Egypt Christians remain second class citizens preyed upon by Muslim zealots who kidnap their women and forcibly convert them to Islam for marriage. It's been going on for years. In Malaysia the Prime Minister wants to enforce Sharia Law on non-Muslims.  Thats already happened in Brunei where the Sultan enforces Sharia on all his subjects. Christmas in public is banned. Woe betide the Christian who dares to flaunt these barbaric laws.

In Bangladesh Islamists have hacked to death atheists just for expressing an opinion on-line.

The there is Pakistan.

A country where a law of blasphemy is used to maim murder any who would dare to criticise the religion of Islam. Christians have been persecuted under these laws just because some want to rid themselves of other religions.

The latest atrocity is the threat to the life of Ayaz Nizami for the crime of blasphemy. An act of criticism that would be shrugged off by any civilised person, but here we are talking about those who want to take the world back to the dark ages.

Tolerance is not a word in the Islamist dictionary. They love death more than they love life. Savages. There can be no other word for these men and women who have been tweeting for Nizami to be hanged.

The 51 Islamic nations in the United Nations want to impose a blasphemy law on the whole world.

The reason?

Those who hold power and use the religion to maintain their hold over the masses are afraid. Islam does not stand up to scrutiny. What's more there are other ways of living life that are far more attractive. If people were free to change or lose their religion then Islam would decline just as Christianity has done in the West.

More to the point women would also be free.

The pious old men and misogynists would lose their hold. Fear drives their violence and it is ordinary Muslims who suffer. Not the Linda Sarsour or her Western feminist lickspittles who wear hijabs in ignorance of the oppression these garments represent.

The left and so-called liberals of this world have abandoned reason to tailgate an Islamist agenda. Islam is the oppressor NOT the victim.

The world must be free from religious compulsion.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Socialist Party (Militant) & Terrorism

Socialist Party logo

The history of Communism in all it's various forms has been a violent one. Despite attempts by Trotskyists to claim this all began under Stalin who then created a "degenerated" workers state is a falsehood. Both Lenin himself and their false messiah Trotsky were prone to the use of violence to achieve their aims.

Yes they opposed the "individual terrorism" used mainly by anarchists at the time, but the use of force was never far behind the rhetoric. 

There was no Bolshevik  "revolution" to take state power. It was a coup d'etat. The first actions of Lenin and his right hand man Trotsky was to outlaw and ban all opposition parties. Trotsky then turned his attention to all opposition inside the Communist Party itself. 

During the Russian Civil War Trotsky forced unwilling soldiers to fight by having hard-line cadres with guns pointed at their backs to ensure they did not retreat.

Stalin simply bided his time and utilised the same methods (plus a little bit of anti-Semitism) to undermine, isolate and exile Trotsky. The "Left Opposition" founded by Trotsky was rounded up and well, basically murdered.

The "Red Terror" began.

Millions died and in places like North Korea continue to suffer and die in the same of Communism.

Fast forward to today and the various Trotskyists continue to make their claims about how different things would be "if only" Trotsky had been in power. All continue to adjust to a so-called anti-imperialist agenda tailing Islam and claiming every oppression in the world is the fault of the West.

They grudgingly condemn acts of terror but even this statement from the Socialist Party shows their underlying ideological commitment to violence. It's "OK" if it is the "establishment" that attacked in their twisted little world:

The attacker's choice of Westminster - and the fact that he ran towards Parliament - suggests anger against the establishment and government, but the victims were ordinary people, especially tourists viewing the Houses of Parliament. People of ten different nationalities were indiscriminately hit. Three people plus the attacker died and seven are critically injured.

In any case, whoever is targeted, acts of individual terror should always be opposed. They are not an effective means to struggle against the establishment.

But who is the establishment and where does such justification take them. Look to the Soviet, the Chinese experience. Communism is mass murder.

As Stalin once put it "One death is tragic. Millions are just a statistic".

Thats' all right then.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Act Now! Djibouti: Free jailed teacher trade union leaders

Labourstart Campaign

Omar Ali Ewado and Ahmed-Kadar Nour, respectively Deputy General Secretary and General Secretary of the teacher union SEP (Syndicat des Enseignants du Premier Degré), were arrested on March 19th and 20th 2017 by Djibouti's Security Services. 

The authorities have not commented on the reasons for these arrests. We are concerned for their physical and psychological well-being while in detention, especially as Mr. Ewado has started a hunger strike in protest at his arrest. These arrests of two union leaders are only the latest developments in the ongoing harassment and repression of teachers and trade unionists seeking to exercise and enjoy their legitimate rights and freedoms in Djibouti. 

For many years, teacher union members and leaders have been targeted for arrests, salary suspensions, harassment, forced early retirements, or forced transfers. Last year, Mr. Ewado, who is also President of the Human Rights League of Djibouti, was arrested for denouncing human rights abuses by the authorities. 

We call on you to urgently demand that the authorities of Djibouti free Omar Ali Ewado and Ahmed-Kadar Nour, and stop the persecution and harassment of teacher unionists and human rights defenders in the country.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

An attack on democracy

Despite the best efforts the police and security services who have done remarkably well in preventing terrorist attacks in the UK one was bound to get through eventually.

And it has.

A "lone" terrorist driving a car, ploughing through innocent pedestrians just as the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas have done in Israel.

People have died and others remain critically injured.

Our thoughts and sympathies go with the victims, their families and friends tonight.

The fact this was aimed at the Houses of Parliament shows the complete contempt these people have not just for democracy but also for life itself. Of course at the time of writing there is no confirmation of the motives behind the attack, but I would be more than surprised if it wasn't motivated by Islamism.

How much longer will the establishment and the left not face up to the real enemy that exists in our midsts. Hate Preachers in Mosques and on-line, "Trojan Horses" in our schools, Labour Councillors attending pro Khomeini rallies all add to the promotion of an undemocratic agenda.

Add to that the lack of integration of so much of the Muslim community it is hardly surprising that such extremism has grown within these isolated individuals.

Remember the lack of tolerance shown towards the Ahmadi newsagent who was murdered in Glasgow. "Wrong type of Muslim".

Sounds like ISIS doesn't it. These ideas are inherent within even so-called mainstream Islam. It doesn't make all Muslims terrorists but it does make enough to threaten life and limb.

The danger to democracy is real.

Islamism is a threat to all our freedoms.

Stand up for democracy. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

We'll Meet Again

Vera Lynn, the forces sweetheart and voice of probably the most famous to songs in British history We'll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover reached the grand age of 100 today.

This seems a fitting time to remember all those who fought for and died for our freedoms in an age where growing intolerance, conflict and even genocide is abroad. Today's Nazi's and Fascists don't come from Germany, Italy and Japan but they exist and they may express their hate in a different format but their victims still suffer the same tortures and die the same deaths.

Even the spectre of anti-Semitism raises it's ugly head again.

But the Yazidis, the Christians, the Kurds and all those that live in fear of the fundamentalist heel know full well the consequences of appeasing the enemy.

Peace can only be built by being prepared. A lesson that should have been learned in 1939. But still the politicians have failed us.

The world is full of fools and maniacs from Trump and Putin to Kim Jong-Un and the Mad Clerics of Iran & Saudi Arabia.

Our only defence is free speech, the root of all human rights. Use it don't lose it to the fools and sycophants of the far-left, far-right and religious fundamentalists.

Our ancestors stood up and paid the price. We cannot casually throw away our freedoms to those who would lord over us.

Stand up to the despots at whatever level of life you find them.

The bullies are cowards who can and will be beaten.