Thursday, 27 November 2014

Peer faces formal complaint after calling on Muslims to "address the violence in the Qur’an"

Cross post from the National Secular Society

Peer faces formal complaint after calling on Muslims to "address the violence in the Qur’an"

Lord Pearson of Rannoch is facing a formal complaint from Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, after calling on Muslims to "address the violence in the Qur'an."

Speaking in the House of Lords, Pearson, the former UKIP leader, said: "My lords, are the government aware that Fusilier Rigby's murderers quoted 22 verses of the Qur'an to justify their atrocity? Therefore, is the prime minister accurate or helpful when he describes it as a betrayal of Islam? Since the vast majority of Muslims are our peace-loving friends, should we not encourage them to address the violence in the Qur'an – and indeed in the life and the example of Muhammad?"

The Leader of the House of Lords dismissed his concerns, and now Labour MP Khalid Mahmood has stated his intention to make a formal complaint to the Lord Speaker over Pearson's question.

Mahmood told the Guardian: "I find it absolutely offensive that this guy is still able to say this. I will actually tomorrow make a complaint formally to the lords speaker on this issue. This is not tolerable and it should not be tolerated at all."

Yasmin Qureshi, the Labour MP for Bolton South East, said: "These are lies. Trying to say this comes from some text in the Qur'an or there is some justification in the religion – it isn't there."

Ms Qureshi said that Muslims should not have to "take responsibility" for the actions of extremists, though Lord Pearson had only actually called on Muslims to "address the violence in the Qur'an."

Lord Pearson did not say that Muslims were responsible for the actions of extremists, and was clear to state that the "vast majority" of British Muslims were "our peace-loving friends".

National Secular Society executive director Keith Porteous Wood, said: "Nothing in our society should be beyond discussion or debate. But Lord Pearson is now facing a formal complaint for expressing a view in Parliament. This is a type of farce we should have left behind long ago."

"If Khalid Mahmood – or anyone else – disagrees with Pearson so strongly, then they should challenge him to a public debate or write an article rebutting his arguments. We don't have freedom of speech so that we can only discuss things we're all comfortable with."

Lord Pearson has previously warned of the threat posed by Islamism; in 2013 he said: "What baffles me completely is that when we do speak against these things, when we dare to say that they come from within Islam, we are told that we are the guilty ones, that it us who are stirring up hate."

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

SWP shenanigans over Ferguson demo

The outcry over the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black youth in Ferguson has focused a lot of attention on racism and justice in the USA. Unsurprisingly the protests has attracted coverage in the media and the attention of political activists on the far-left who have organised a vigil outside the US embassy today (26th November).

As usual the Socialist Worker Party has tried "muscling in" on the demo which has led to a fallout with the London Black Revolutionaries, an organisation I have no previous knowledge of.

LBR have published a lengthy statement, part of which is reproduced below:

Reply to Weyman Bennett/ Sabby Dhalu / Stand Up To Racism & Socialist Workers Party from London Black Revolutionaries

We would like to clarify a recently alarming statement on behalf of Stand Up To Racism posted to us by Dennis Fernado and Sabby Dhalu.

From the hours of 25/11/14 3:00pm - 26/11/13 1:00am. LBR Organisers received a bombardment of calls from SUTR organisers.

We would like to refute some accusations being made.

At 1am of the 26th of November. SUTR approached us with the possibility of some of their Non-Socialist Workers Party members to speak as speakers of both events. We made the democratic decision to of course allow the families of those killed in police custody to speak at the event, as some have been arranged too already. We would like to convey respect and solidarity to all speakers of both events.

Our organisation received a plethora of threats from Weyman Bennett over the phone, ranging from the threat to dismantle and “go to war” our organisation if we continued to “ignore the leaders of the movement” and secondly, if we ever organise events within Anti-Racism, that we must be obliged to speak to SUTR/SWP.

Secondly, veiled threats were received to make individuals known to the police if we continued to host the first statement made on the situation at 26/11/14 1:00am & additionally, that the police had stated to SUTR that LBR's demonstration would need heavy policing as it appears to be friction between the two demonstrations. We would like to state that there is to be no friction between the two organisation on the day of the demonstration which is for the sole purpose of Unity. We are disappointed that individuals are using the police as a way to threaten and bend the democratic decisions made on behalf of our organisation as a method to get what they want.

Today, public letters stating individuals names were published and we take this as an extremely threatening move against our Organisation.

At London Black Revolutionaries we take these threats extremely seriously, a number of threats was made against the safety of our organisation and individual members which were redacted later in the conversation. These threats have set the tone and approach of our organisation from the outset towards SUTR and as such, we have chosen to remain separate from SUTR & the Socialist Workers Party.

Unsurprisingly the perennial problem that the SWP faces wherever it goes these days gets raised:

Furthermore, there are a number of issues as highlighted above, as well as wider political issues which remain unresolved over allegations made against members of the Socialist Workers Party regarding Rape, and as such, organisations and speakers within our demonstration take issue with, including ourselves.

Allegations of "bullying" by the SWP are not new, especially inside their own organisation,but certainly they can longer expect to be accepted by anyone with half a shred of decency whether they are "revolutionary" or not.

The SWP is facing increased isolation as seen in the recent banning of the party in Goldsmiths Student union.

Time for them and their supporters to close up shop and leave politics all together because those hardcore "loyalists" that remain will never be accepted as a legitimate part of the Labour and Trade Union movement, let alone the "revolutionary" milieu they claim to be part of ever again.

Good riddance I'd say.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

McDonald's Korea union member dismissed for fast food activism

Gahyun Lee was dismissed from her job at a McDonald's outlet in Yeokgok, Gyeonggi Province on September 15 following her visit to Los Angeles earlier that month to support the national action by US fast food workers.

Management had previously warned her about union activity in May - citing a phone call from the head office - after she denounced wage and scheduling manipulation and unsafe workplace practices at a May 15 Seoul rally in support of global fast food workers.

Management refused to provide her with an explanation of why her contract was terminated, instead telling her to reapply for the job. Her application was rejected.

The Arbeit Workers' Union (which organizes precarious workers) is demanding her reinstatement and publicizing her case. You can support them - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to McDonald's Korea corporate management calling on the company to reinstate Gahyun Lee, recognize union rights and representation and enter into good faith talks with the union over unfair practices.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Religion wants to be exempt from equality, criticism......

The requested cake as it was eventually produced by a different bakery. Photo: Facebook/QueerSpace Belfast
Photo: Facebook/Queer Space Belfast

The ever forward march of equality has it's opponents. Take Paul Givan of the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. He's got the hump over a bakery being ordered to pay compensation for discriminating against a gay couple who simply wanted a cake baked for their marriage. He says it's "bullying".

Givan wants to exempt religious people from "equality legislation":

We now are heading towards a community where it’s not just about live and let live – people are now saying, ‘you need to affirm my particular lifestyle and if that goes against your conscience, you have to do that’.

“That’s not equality; that’s intolerance.”

In other words, bigots are entitled to remain bigots and exclude those they do not approve of from their public businesses.

Givan thinks this would be "equality" by "pandering to individual consciences".

So those little notices that used to appear in lodging houses with the words "No Blacks, No Irish, No dogs" will re-appear with "No poofta's" one assumes.

I don't think he understands the concept of equality at all.

Neither does Medhi Hassan.

He wants to establish what in effect becomes a "Muslim Censorship Board" since he doesn't like or approve of the "demonising" of the "religion of peace" or some of it's more charming aspects and supporters that get negative press coverage.

According to the PC brigades paper of choice he says of press coverage that it is:

“dangerous and counter-productive [...] because it increases alienation, [...] and it also confirms the extremist narrative, the Islamist narrative that there is some kind of inevitable clash between the West and all of the Muslims living in the West, that there can never be any kind of reconciliation, that there is always going to be some kind of war between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Somehow I think he needs to have a word in the ear of members of his community that seem to loudly proclaim "Islam will Rule the World" and support the establishment of a Caliphate even in the UK. Was that a placard saying "Non-Muslims can go to hell" we saw the supporters of Anjem Choudary carry on a demo?

If the "barriers and alienation" he refers to are to be broken down it's not going to be by suppressing free speech (though he denied this in a later statement) it is only going to happen if the Muslim community starts integrating in wider society.

The infiltration of schools by extremists has gone on for years until finally it was exposed this year. Political correctness helped cover up child abuse in Rotherham by men of what particular community was it again.

Of course the majority of abusers in this country are not Muslim, but the point is the establishment was afraid to deal with it because of their fear of being labelled "racist".

Islam is NOT a race. Like all religions it is a made up theology of superstitious nonsense.

Not that I'm even supposed to say that.

Islamophobia would be the cry.

There are plenty of laws already in place to deal with unfair press coverage. We don't need more legislation.

No religion, philosophical or political viewpoint can be exempt from criticism.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's not just ISIS but the Taliban, Boko Harem and others that need to be stopped

The fight against ISIS seems to have slipped from the news headlines for the moment but as the Kurds remain about the only people on the front line actually fighting these religious Nazi's, there are others around the world claiming to follow the "religion of peace" who commit the most heinous of acts.

Today the BBC reports:

A suicide bomber has killed at least 45 people at a volleyball tournament in eastern Afghanistan, officials say.

A spokesman for the governor of Paktika province told the BBC that the attacker had detonated the bomb amid a crowd of people gathering for a game.

About 60 people were also wounded in the bombing in Yahyakhail district.

Also just coming to light is the murder of fishermen in Nigeria:

Islamist militants from Nigeria's Boko Haram have reportedly killed 48 people in an attack on fish sellers near the border with Chad.

A fish traders' group said some victims had their throats slit whilst others were tied up and drowned in Lake Chad.

The attack took place on Thursday, but the news took several days to come to light because Boko Haram has destroyed mobile phone masts in the area.

It was the second major attack in two days by Boko Haram.

In Thursday's attack, the traders were on their way to Chad to buy fish when militants blocked their path near the village of Doron Baga, some 180km (112 miles) north of Maiduguri in Borno state.

Abubakar Gamandi, the head of the fish sellers' association, said the militants had used no guns.

"The attackers killed their victims silently without the use of the gun to avoid attracting attention from the multi-national troops," he told AFP news agency.

A silent murder in a country where school girls are kidnapped and enslaved by Islamists.

If that wasn't enough, there's Kenya. The Independent reports:

Terror organisation al-Shabaab have claimed an attack that killed 28 people on a bus in Northern Kenya.

Around 100 gunmen, who are believed to have travelled over the border in Mandera county from Somalia, took the bus off the road before separating the passengers.

It is believed they asked travellers to recite passages from the Koran, shooting dead those who were unable to prove they were practising Muslims.

I have to ask myself what kind of "God" would ask for such death in his name.

Not a "religion of peace" from where I'm sitting.

The world must wake up to the not so silent threat from these religious fanatics.


No, just standing for common human decency and the right to life.

Islamism is a threat whether the "anti-imperialist" so-called left like it or not.

Wake up. Support the Kurds, defeat ISIS. 

But don't forget the other threats, they are very real.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Censorship: A double warning from history

Freedom of speech is under constant attack at the moment from every quarter at the moment. The latest incidents include the banning of the Socialist Workers Party by Goldsmiths Students union, whilst the SWP themselves are using their so called Unite Against Fascism front organisation to try and ban Tommy Robinson, the former EDL leader (now "reformed") from taking part in a debate organised by the Oxford Union.

This month has seen feminists prevent a debate on abortion in Oxford and the University of West London banned a meeting to discuss the reach of extremist preachers following a report published by the secularist Sharia Watch group.

The common thread in these particular instances is that it is student and academic bodies that are promoting censorship.

Our seats of learning have become seats of censorship.

Unless you are a extremist Islamic preacher insisting on gender separation in meetings and promoting hate against gays, Jews and all other non-Muslims or indeed removing the rights of women.

Where are the protesters over this?


Only Islam(ism) is beyond censorship. That would be "Islamophobic" innit.

It's not so long ago the National Union of Students were refusing to back the Kurds for that very reason.

There is something seriously wrong with student politics today.

Remember the Nazi's:

And don't forget bloody communism either:

No difference in practise.

Defend free speech. Without out our freedoms are in danger!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Musical Interlude - Scandal

It's Friday night & time to relax or party, you make your own choice. Either way I thought I'd kick of the weekend with a track from my favourite band at the moment Scandal!

You Tube didn't translate the page for their new single so I do not have a clue what it is called (any readers speak Japanese?) but it's a bit of fun I couldn't resist posting!