Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It wuz the aliens wot done it

Whilst taking my daily wander through the wonderful world of the Internet I chanced upon this terrific little video which will explain everything you need to know about why Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

According to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (who some readers may recognise from the Ancient Aliens documentary series on The History Channel) says it may be all down to an alien mind control plot....

I'm still laughing. 

Go on watch this, you know you want to!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The new racists

One of the more shocking elements found amongst a large section of the modern "left" is an antipathy towards anything Jewish. These "anti-imperialists" claim that they are "simply" oppose "Zionism" because it seeks to establish and maintain a Jewish state in the historical land of the Jews, Israel. This they say is at the expense of the "Palestinians", a modern name for the Arabs who came to this part of the Middle East as a result of conquest after the rise of Islam.

The problem is that these "anti-Zionists" are very much prone to adopting far-right conspiracy theories and "memes" depicting the banking industry or media dominated by the Rothchilds and other Jews are fairly common in leftist circles. Much of this new prejudice comes from adopting an "Islam(ist)" dominated agenda as the Muslim world is (wrongly) seen as being part of an "anti-imperialist" movement, ignoring many unsavoury elements including Islamic supremacism and racism inherent in the Arab world in particular.

The world saw such expressions of Arab racism during the Darfur crisis, one which the left generally ignored and always blamed "imperialism" of the West rather than the imperialism of pan-Arabism mixed with a Jihadist orientated regime operating out of Khartoum. The victims of persecution here were black.

Anti-black racism is prevalent in a number of countries across the Arab world. from Algeria to the Lebanon, but remains little discussed amongst the British "left" and "anti-racist" movements. This despite evidence that slavery exists on a large scale in some saharan countries such as Mauritania where the slaves are likely to be darker skinned than their owners.

Whilst gender apartheid is well documented for countries like Saudi Arabia and the position of women in general being very much second class across the Arab/Muslim world, the discrimination against blacks, let alone other minorities remains very much ignored by the politically correct so-called left.

Their focus is entirely on destroying the worlds only Jewish" state, because such a notion is "racist" apparently whilst not for one moment considering the existence of nationalistic Islamic states at all a problem despite the well documented examples of persecution of minorities which existed long before the evil ISIS Caliphate sprang into existence. It's racism, intolerance and genocidal ideology did not simply come out of a vacuum, ISIS simply built on and created a whole movement based on the worst aspects of the world in which they originated.

The most obvious examples of the regions genocidal tendencies where seen in the early twentieth century during the mass extermination of Armenians and Greeks under the Ottoman empire. In modern times the Kurds, Nubians, Tuaregs and Yazidis amongst others have fallen foul of Arab nationalism.

But the Western radicals have now gone further than just ignoring Arab racism or ant-Semitism within their own ranks. Inside the universities in both America and the UK another racism has come to the fore. Anti-white racism.

At SOAS student radicals with little to no knowledge of the world around them, have already attempted to ban "white" philosphers from their coursework. Now they seek to ban white professors from lecturing BME (black & ethnic minority) students claiming that these individuals are "capable of racism". The irony that these students themselves have become racist in their outlook and practice is lost on them.

The left complain about being compared to blackshirts and being defined as no better than fascists but by their actions ye shall know them.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Corbyn is a security risk

The decision of Tristram Hunt to resign as an MP thereby causing another by-election was the final straw that ended Corbyn's already botched relaunch. The pundits started musing about the possible, if not probable loss of the seat to UKIP.

At the same time the Liberal Democrats continued their revival in two amazing local election victories in Sunderland where the Labour vote dropped by a whopping 29.9% and in Gade Valley by 9.9%, though in this case the Tories lost 22%. Labour is not picking up the support it requires to form the next government based on these figures and remember Sunderland is a Labour "heartland". No more it seems.

Corbyn's hardcore support group in Momentum is heading towards an organisational split as the comrades fall out over a new constitution. Their long anticipated conference later this year is likely to turn into a gladiatorial arena as the sectarians vie to overthrow each other in the name of the "Dear Leader".

Meanwhile Corbyn has invited US President elect Donald Trump to the Finsbury Park Mosque, one considered so extreme that most local Muslims won't even attend it preferring to borrow a local hall owned by the Catholic church for their Friday prayers.

And finally as if to rub salt into the wounds Corbyn has taken time out to write to Theresa May decrying a "security risk" to the country following the Al-Jazeera sting on an Israeli diplomat who has since been kicked out the country. The TV station is owned by the Qatari Royal family who have an agenda of their own and the station has used this incident to promote anti-Jewish reporting in a disgraceful fashion.

The irony of Corbyn raising a potential "security threat" is obvious to all but his most blinkered supporters. This is a man who has invited IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists into Parliament, refused to condemn the aggressive actions of Putin in the Ukraine and Crimea, ignored until pressed the crimes of Assad and Putin in Syria and has openly let down our allies in Nato.

If anyone is a security risk to this country it is a man who pursues a policy of appeasement with the world's dictators whilst seeking the disarming and isolation of this country in an increasingly dangerous world.

Corbyn has shown himself unfit for government. Labour is led by men who pursue ideological concerns before the interest of ordinary working people.

As a trade unionist, British Citizen and a Jew I oppose this man, his supporters and their Stalinist agenda.

For the good of this country they must go.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lansman, Shawcroft, Mountford, Corbyn & Copeland

In a new twist to the outbreak of furious infighting within the Corbynista movement, Jon Lansman has resigned as the sole director of Momentum. He has been replaced by a woman notorious for not just suggesting we should invite ISIS for a chat over a cup of tea but also betrayed the Labour Party by backing the now proven corrupt former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman. Why she is even allowed to remain a member is beyond belief.

According to a report published by Guido Fawkes Lansman lost the vote over his constitutional maneuver to purge the Trotskyists from Momentum at his local group.

The Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) one of of Lansman's main opponents are not taking their exclusion lightly. Already Sacha Ismail has expressed his public displeasure at being expelled but Jill "motormouth" Mountford is fighting  a rearguard action and writes on the AWL website:

According to the new constitution some members have no choice but to leave, they are, in effect, being expelled from Momentum because they’ve been expelled from the Labour Party. Most, myself included, have been expelled for political reasons, that is, being wrong kind of socialist, and have been provided with no evidence against them or had any opportunity to appeal. A practice generally condemned by the left in the Labour Party.....

No one should leave Momentum. We should stay and organise in the local groups, establish the best possible, most democratic local groups network, intervene where we can in the bureaucratic structures and continue to build an activists movement all around the country.

The AWL does have the backing of the Labour Party Marxists (a front for the Communist Party of Great Britain), the weird Jackie Walker and of course Tony Greenstein, who managed to make the whole affair about his own vainglorious self on his deranged blog.

Trouble is all of the above absolutley hate each other, so any alliance between them is bound to end in tears sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile as the Copeland by-election approaches the Conservative Party have gone "nuclear" in their attempt to take the seat from Labour which will be assisted by the assistance of Madame Shawcroft who somehow has ended up on the selection committee and will no doubt attempt to parachute in a pro-Corbyn candidate.

The Tories are focusing on nuclear power, which is a real issue in the constituency due to the huge and growing number of jobs dependent on it. The following video helpfully produced by Counterfire, the former SWP group that runs the Stop the War Coalition of which Corbyn used to be Chair will be used to undermine Labour's campaign.

In this Corbyn calls for the closure of all nuclear power stations. Not just wrong but a death knell for a huge number of Labour's voters in Copeland.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Momentum dissipates

Jon Lansman

Hot on the heels of the collapse of Jeremy Corbyn's relaunch comes yet another crisis for the far-left in Labour. The Momentum Tendency (proprietor: Jon Lansman) is openly split over the introduction of (shock, horror) a constitution that gives the decision making power to its members rather than the activists through a "One man, one vote" process.

In an e-mail Lansman declared:

The Constitution may not be perfect in everyone’s eyes, but, whatever process we follow, it is common ground that we need one, and it is surely better to have it now and amend it later by a process that is indisputable. As well as setting out the essential elements of our aims and objectives as they have always appeared on our website and in our public statements, the constitution:

Reinforces our wholehearted commitment to the Labour Party by restating our aim of working towards affiliation, and requiring all members to be party members;

Provides for elections and key decisions including changes to the constitution to be made by our members themselves;

One of the main features of Momentum is that it's members must be in the Labour Party. If someone has been expelled they cannot remain in the organisation. Outraged various individuals such as Nick Wrack (ex TUSC, Respect,) has described this as a "coup" by Lansman.

Sacha Ismail of the Alliance for Workers Liberty has already complained that he has been expelled from Momentum as a result of this decision. That's due to the fact members of the AWL are ineligible for membership  of the Labour Party as their group has been proscribed. Not sure what he expected.

The decision to go down this road will not only change Momentum but will split the group, with Lansman hoping it will rid him of his opponents and make it "easier" for Momentum to become affiliated to the Labour Party.

Already across Facebook and other social media sites a number of the comrades have declared they are off. Some have reportedly (and disturbingly) described this as a "Zionist" plot showing how utterly deranged and dangerous some of the new Black Shirt left have become.

The introduction of OMOV has caused such controversy because the harder left of Momentum including the AWL & others wanted to have a delegate system to ensure that members who turned up to meetings for hours on end (i.e. themselves) were able to "put over the arguments".

The basis of Lansman's decision was a survey which his opponents complain only led to a 40% response rate. The other 60% have been "excluded" and according to one complaint I read "people may not have read their e-mails". Actually maybe they just couldn't be bothered. Momentum has been falling apart since it's inception for one simple reason.

The authoritarian "left" are incapable of getting on with each other.

Every attempt to unite the so-called far-left and bring in a wider periphery has failed. There was Socialist Unity launched by the IMG in the seventies, The Socialist Alliance and the dreadful Islamist orientated Respect. Fails, all of them.

Lansman who has been part of the Labour Left for years is not entirely stupid and has obviously taken this move to exclude what he sees as the sectarian left in an attempt to move Momentum on.

However with Corbyn continuing to make a fool of himself the battle for the heart and soul of Labour continues.

There will be more on this as Momentum dissipates in glorious internecine warfare!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Corbyn's relaunch fails already


This week was supposed to see the relaunch of Jeremy Corbyn with bold new ideas and a coherent direction. Instead within a few hours the whole event had turned into a debacle as Corbyn announced live on television that he was introducing a "maximum wage policy", something the whole country was waiting to hear. Not.

Corbyn latched on the widespread discontent about the overpaid executives and added footballers to his list of targets. This appears to be something Corbyn thought up himself and it showed since he's not exactly renowned as an original thinker. Far from it.

Corbyn is just a seasoned protester who picks up on the latest fad and wades in with barely a thought waffling  through a list of basic platitudes about "socialism" (whatever that is supposed to be these days), American and British imperialism and how important it is to support the oppressed governments of Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, not forgetting to add the obligatory bash of Israel for his mates in Hamas.

But I digress (purposely it has to be said) as we turn back to today's events with Jeremy Hunt facing a grilling from and running away to a car from a diligent Sky News reporter. She put more pressure on Hunt than old Corbo. Even the rabidly pro-Tory Daily Mail was bashing the government over the NHS. An open goal that Corbyn should have seen and concentrated on, but no he just had to talk complete bollocks instead.

Then there's Brexit. The Government are in trouble over that as well. Corbyn did the standard and honorable political stance and avoided answering the question of Sky this morning.

Still he's had all day to think and now says that he "might" only "consider the Maximum wage after his former Bank of England advisor told him that the policy was unworkable. To be fair so did every other proper economist. I don't count the Marxist commentators. These people would have us within a "Soviet" style downturn if they ever got into power.

Whist Corbyn's supporters may have been monetarily buoyed even they must see he is a complete no-hoper. The time will inevitably come as even Commissar McCluskey has warned when Corbyn must go. Len's now worried about his own position you see, He bragged about support from the "Unite Now" grouping within his union but they have declined to support him. Or any other candidate to be fair.

Still like the Titanic, there is another ship in waiting to sink the Labour Party. A certain John McDonnell.

One thing is for certain, under these rag & bone politicians Labour will never achieve power

Monday, 9 January 2017

Music whilst we wait for Steptoe

I was under the impression we would be deconstructing Jeremy Steptoes renewal speech tonight as he offers his wares from the junkyard of the far-left.

"Get your policies here gov" was supposed to be the call to action for the masses.

Instead we're still waiting, which given I've caught yet another cold means an early night. However I had to share this new number from Band Maid.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

SOAS Students want to ban "white" ideas

A bust of Socrates
Photo: By Sting, CC

A lot of people who attend University in their youth (or in my case a Polytechnic) are attracted to radical ideas of some sort or another, it's part of the growing process. That said even in my day the majority of students avoided politics and didn't participate in the students union except when they put on gigs and parties or needed funding for some club, particularly sports.

Then of course there was the cheap bar....

When I arrived at the Polytechnic of Central London in 1977 I found the students union controlled by of all things Maoists. As far as I'm aware the only place they ever managed to take over. The organisation behind the "Socialist Society" (Soc Soc as we called it) was the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist Leninist) who published a lithographed paper called simply The Worker

The CPB (M-L) is still going today but has absolutely no influence on politics whatsoever. They were just one of a whole range of parties and tendencies that were around at the time. There was the Socialist Workers Party, the "official" Communist Party of Great Britain and the Revolutionary Communist Tendency (which became the RCP in later years).

Just around the corner was one of the bookshops owned by the Workers Revolutionary Party and a young lady from the Posadists turned up to sell her wares outside the bar. 

Oh and there was a Labour Club (which I ran for a couple of years) and a Conservative Students group, the Chair of which I became friends with despite his politics.

In those days the only ban we pursued was "no-platforming" the National Front which was becoming a big threat during the late seventies. I do not recall any move to stop speakers of any sort, though there was a protest against the Shah of Persia and certainly whilst there was a burgeoning Women's Group, there was none of this self indulgent "intersectionalist malarky that seems to have grown within the modern students movement.

The bottom line was we went to learn (some more than others) and did read and those that studied politics/sociology and the like took account of various schools of thought from left to right and some in between as part of the process.

That was then.

Today the student movement seems to be all about censorship of some sort or another. It's not so long ago the campaign to remove Cecil Rhodes statue was in the news along with other types trying to control language by insisting the use of "ze" instead of he or she in case of "transphobia" or some other possible "micro-aggression" or discrimination.

Now I read that the Students Union at the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) are demanding all "white" philosophers are dropped from course work due to "white colonialism" in education. In practice this means Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, the list is endless and probably goes up to including Hegel, Marx, Sartre and heaven knows who else.

Appalling. There is a place for all kinds of philosophers on courses. Confucius anyone? But remove the Greeks and those that followed. It just smacks of the kind of bigotry that led to book burning in Nazi Universities.

It certainly leads to some very confused thinking as this quote from Patai and Koertge, Professing Feminism illustrates:

If minority race students do not understand a philosopher, then it is the philosopher who is inadequate, not the minority race students.

Erm, no. And anyway what if a white student doesn't understand either? Philosophy isn't an exact subject like mathematics where there can only be one answer (though some maths geek is bound to try & disprove that assertion).

Education requires a broad and open mind. Today's activists have pre-conceived, ill thought out ideas and are tomorrow's potential oppressors.

Thank god I went to college in the seventies.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

World of the Weird: Chile's UFO

Oh dear here we go again. Another video of an object that cannot be identified flying in the sky. There's plenty of those but this one has been released by the Chilean Navy after being declassified. There's no evidence what ever the thing is that it's "alien". Just "unidentified". Much of the press have covered this in one form or another but of course the UFOlogists have been going berserk on-line as have the conspiracy nuts.

Business as usual it would seem.

However since this film was taken just a couple of years ago you think a military helicopter would have a better resolution camera given the need to identify threats.

So despite being the first "World of the Weird" story this year there's not much to speculate on. Perhaps we should be thankful they were not here to shove an object up some poor sods rectum which seems a common occurrence to so many so-called abductees.

Still this video joins the list of stuff seen that proves nothing.

Just for fun here's a collection of so-called sightings, though the title as well as the content is misleading. This compilation also contains a couple of "Angel" appearances. Sigh.

One of the unidentified objects seems to have wings and err..... could just be a bird! Some of the introductions just plant a suggestion in your mind when all there is is wisps of clouds. You have have been warned!

Now where's that alien fleet UFOmania said was heading to Earth.....or as NASA tells us a bleeding asteroid of some sort.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Man's Inhumanity

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can sink so low in their actions against fellow human beings. You would have thought that humanity would have learned a lesson when the scale of the Holocaust was uncovered and made public at the end of the Second World War.

Yet it didn't end there. Stalin's purges continued in his new colonies of Eastern Europe. Chairman Mao did his best to emulate and exceed his mentor in China and North Korea became one giant prison camp, Cambodia a death camp.

Even with the fall of communism the world continues in a spiral of hate and murder. Genocide in Rwanda and even in Europe once again as Yugoslavia fell apart.

Despite the fall of the "red menace", history has far from "ended" as Francis Fukuyama once proclaimed. The world has spawned a new menace. Religious fundamentalism in the form of a death cult around Islam as seen in al-Qaeda and in particular ISIS.

Mass torture, rape and murder. Genocide, proclaimed in the name of some non-existent entity.

Many of the participants originate from what is normally seen as the more tolerant and advanced Western nations. What propels men and women to go to another country and commit such unspeakable crimes? Is it just "Islam"?

Religious fanaticism is only part of the cause, albeit a major component.

There is also something else.

A basic evil that still lurks in the hearts of men.

Everybody has had bad thoughts for want of a better phrase during their lives. The difference is that most people do not act on these baser impulses. There are however those who simply let the inner beast come to the fore.

A prime example of this was seen on Facebook as four youths, young black men and women in this case acted out their violent tendencies on a young eighteen year old man, live for the world to see. There are indications the may have been a hate crime as racial abuse was clearly heard, but it has also been suggested one had a hate-on for his disabled classmate.

Either way these dangerous individuals need taking out of society. This wasn't their only crime. Other charges for stolen cars and burglary have been added to the assault and kidnapping rapsheet.

There can be no excuses for such barbaric behaviour. Crime is wrong regardless of colour, class or religion. None of these factors can be used as an excuse.

Sometimes people are just plain evil.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

ماجد العيسى - هواجيس | Majedalesa - Hwages

Saudi Arabia was outraged by this video. A country where women are second class citizens only allowed out if accompanied by a male guardian and are forbidden to drive. One man campaigning for the abolition of the guardian laws was imprisoned for a year and fined £1,000.

Saudi fundamentalist clerics argue that the abolition of guardianship and allowing women to drive would encourage women to be immoral.

It is Saudi Arabia's presence on the United Nations Human Rights commission that is immoral and their laws oppressing women a blasphemy against human rights.

That is what should outrage.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

McCluskey's Follies

The press and social media have been full of reports about Len McCluskey's supposed decision to tell Jeremy Corbyn that if Labour's fortunes do not improve then he should stand down. Some have taken this to mean McCluskey is on the brink of breaking with Corbyn, though that in itself would not be to betterment of the Labour Party as he is more than likely to back the equally awful John McDonnell who has the same politics as Steptoe.

However this may just be an electoral tactic as a Yougov poll shows that Corbyn is seen by two thirds of Unites members as doing a bad job. Similar findings have been found in most major unions. McCluskey is facing a challenge from the moderate candidate Gerard Coyne and although noten referred to in the media another candidate standing to the left of him, former member of the Socialist Workers Party Ian Allinson.

There is however a corollary to McCluskey's statement that has been widely overlooked, that is the situation in the year before the general election, some two years hence. Frankly the Labour Party could be at rock bottom by then. The latest polls show the Party at just 24%, nowhere near the level of support needed to form the next government. Other reports suggest Labour or to be more precise, Corbyn has lost some four million voters since he took over.

If so few trade union members appear to favour Corbyn, how on earth does anyone including McCluskey expect those who do not normally vote Labour to be won over to a party leaning so far to the left riddled with rampant misogyny and anti-Semitism and not a clue about peoples worries over Brexit, the economy and lets be frank immigration.

Not much chance. The left have had their opportunity to "capture" the Labour Party although the moderates remain in control of much of the apparatus and constituency network but have been found wanting. It's easy to sit at home vote in a ballot for a mere three quid or be bamboozled by union leaders into casting a vote for the useless Corbyn. it is another matter to actually win power and achieve at least something for ordinary peoples benefit.

Trade union members are not the left wing militants that so many trade union leaders like McCluskey or Serwotka like to portray Things are difficult at the "coalface" so to speak and Corbyn is seen as a no hoper by probably the majority of those who vote Labour. The left may have more or less coalesced into one but they remain a disorganised faction ridden rabble who have already started fighting amongst themselves with no idea about the practical world of political life.

Ideals do not buy bread, pay the rent or improve working conditions. Only a party serious about taking actual political power is capable of even beginning the process. Corbyn's politics is the socialism of fools. McCluskey must change tack for the benefit of the members or preferably be kicked out and replaced by someone who will put members interest before banal ideological concerns. 

Vote Gerard Coyne for Unite General Secretary. X

Sunday, 1 January 2017

A bad start to a New Year

Mexico City New Years 2013! (8333128248).jpg
Photo: By Eneas De Troya

As most of the world managed to celebrate the New Year peacefully in Turkey another terrorist atrocity took place. The BBC reported:

Police in Istanbul are hunting for a gunman who opened fire at a well-known nightclub, killing at least 39 people.

The attack happened at Reina nightclub early on Sunday, as hundreds of revellers marked the new year.

Officials say at least 15 foreigners were killed, including citizens from Israel, Belgium, Lebanon, Jordan, France, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

The nightclub in question was a fairly "exclusive" establishment frequented by more "secular" patrons which explains why it was singled out for attack.

Whilst no one has (at the time of writing) claimed "responsibility" for this outrage, the attack bears the hallmarks of an ISIS inspired assault rather than any involvement of the Kurdish separatist PKK which has also conducted a terror campaign in the country.

This comes at a time when an attempt is being made to implement a cease-fire in the five year long Syrian civil war in which Turkey has entered a rapprochement with Russia. 

Meanwhile the war against ISIS continues across both Syria and Iraq with thousands of Yezidis enslaved by the genocidal Islamists.

Peace and justice remain a long way of across two failed states.

Back in the UK Brexit and it's aftermath continue to leave it's mark in a divided country with Theresa May calling for "unity" in her New Year's message. While most ordinary voters remain oblivious to the continuing disagreement, social media remain bitterly divided and intransigent amongst both "Remainers" and "Brexiteers".

Talking of division the country's main opposition party, Labour continues to tear itself apart with internecine warfare. The upcoming Copeland by-election has raised the stakes as if Labour loses this will not bode well for either the Corbynistas or the moderates, both of whom will blame the other for any failure.

Corbyn himself remains oblivious to his misdeeds having condemned the misuse of the honours system whilst forgetting two simple words; Shami Chakrabati who's elevation to the House of Lords caused consternation nearly everywhere.

Corbyn is being rebranded as "anti-establishment", a term also used by the about to take office Donald Trump and the far-right across Europe. We are heading to a world of extremes as Corbyn wants social revolution as does the alt-right. 

Is there hope for the new year? 

Only if there is a resurgence of the political centre but the will does not seem to exist.